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Always remember to avoid rendering blocking JS. If it isn't needed on the initial load, then consider placing it before the closing body tag. I genuinely place JS that requires activating or triggering inside the head, and with the standalone async or defer. 23/02/2017 · How to insert script into HTML head dynamically using Javascript. I want to add DOM element to head section of HTML. jQuery does not allow adding DOM element script to the head section and they execute instead, Reference. I want to add script tags and write a s.

Is there a way to add css from a string in the javascript file to the head of a document with javascript? Let's say we have a webpage, which has a lightbox script, this script requires a css file to. 03/10/2019 · Add a script tag to the HTML head. To do so, insert a Quando il parser HTML del browser esamina la pagina, riconosce il tag